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PVSKC-home When Professional Video Supply needed new images and content for their company site, we collaborated on the creation of new visual and written content.

New product descriptions and images were accessed from a secure area of the manufacturer’s site, edited and pasted into new posts. New graphics were created from the images provided, or were sourced from elsewhere.

We updated several structural elements of the site, including a several years old version of Drupal.

The scope of the project continued to develop after meeting with the clients. Usability and design refreshes were additional considerations we  addressed.

Brigid was reliably professional and effective. I counted on her to be a highly competent partner and consistently produce outstanding results. I was especially impressed with her knowledge of website usability and implementation of graphics. She has an excellent grasp of the big picture and the technical skills needed for implementation.

Patrick Koetting, If2 


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.03.22 PMFlooring Direct of KC is a family owned business that offers amazing value on carpeting and other flooring.

Their website was not mobile friendly. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2015, Google stopped sending people their way.

We provided them with a new mobile friendly website and local search.

Local search optimization is not a one time effort. When there are discrepancies in how the name or address or phone appears, it can wreak havoc with search results.

It can take up to nine months for corrections to filter throughout the internet.

We streamlined the local search optimization and are working on continually improving search results.

I love our new website. Practically everyone who sees it says “Wow!”

Jim Terrell, Owner 



Screen Shot Platinum Painting wanted to be a strong competitor in online searches for painting and remodeling services in Kansas City.

To boost their position, they purchased local search listings from a third party. Their use of a tracking phone number and advertising site instead of their actual number and real website actually hurt their search results.

In addition, their website was out of out of date and had less than 100 words on it.

We created a new website and a content strategy that showed the breadth of their expertise and contributed to their credibility. We also implemented several tactics to improve their position in local search results. Because the paid service had claimed their listings a certain way, a block existed on most of their listings, making difficult to gain control of them and edit them with the correct information.

Two months later, we had gained 100% control of Google,, CitySearch, a number of other directories, and made significant progress on others.

Where the website virtually never came up in search results just two months ago, it is now coming up third when searching for key terms we identified and is appearing in other searches as well.

I’m getting a lot more calls from being found on the internet and I’m happy with that.”

“Brigid is incredible, wonderful.”

Cristil Miranda, Owner/Operator




LilyPad EV, a regional distributor of electric vehicle charging stations, is getting more attention than usual these days.

They recently facilitated a sale that has Kansas City about to become the home of the largest electric vehicle charging station installation by an electric utility in the United States.

By the end of 2015, expect to see a little over 1,000 charging stations installed in the greater Kansas City area.

LilyPad EV is a long-time client. Over time, their online marketing solutions from Be Found included a responsive website, blog, blog writing, S.E.O (local and organic), photos, e-commerce shop (with PayPal checkout), and facilitating planning meetings.

After we met and had a few initial conversations, it was clear to me that Brigid had a great approach to our website and marketing challenges. She wouldn’t even propose a layout of a new website UNTIL she understood our business and our needs. As a result we had many conversations developing the messages and content that needed to be in the web site, with an eye towards SEO. After that she started developing proposed website designs.”

“We ended up with a great website that drives business to us, and an increased hit rate on Google. I highly recommend Brigid.”

Larry Kinder, Principle



mediasvcMedia Services provides document storage, management and imaging services primarily in the greater Kansas City area. When they needed someone to focus on marketing for the organization, they came to Be Found.

We developed a marketing strategy for the organization, and then managed or executed many of the components. Bi-weekly presentations to the management team provided an opportunity to keep the group up to date on projects that included: new logo development, new website development, blog post management and development, freelance management for website content, training on updating the site, the creation, research and execution of email campaigns, and monthly employee photos for PowerPoint slideshows.

Note: Media Services was purchased by Recall and now operates under that brand name.

As our on-call Marketing Director, I counted on Brigid to do everything from writing press releases to managing the design and development of our new website.”

She consistently brought valuable insight and a positive approach to everything she did. She’s an important part of our team.”

Robert Rippentrop, President



Speak to Me is a non-profit dedicated to giving people of all ages the tools to transform difficult situations into positive outcomes.  They’re a small organization and outsourced the development of their website.

When we discussed the style and content changes they needed for their website, I wondered if they wouldn’t like to make content changes themselves going forward. They loved the idea! I asked some questions about their marketing message, and it was re-worked it to make it have more impact – on the site as well as in person.

The services Be Found offers are AMAZING! As a small non-profit, we needed to convey our message to our potential donors and our participants simply and powerfully.  Be Found helped us do that and trained us to update content on the site ourselves.  We realized that doing business with Be Found could actually save us money!”

Their ability to bundle technical and marketing is absolutely wonderful.”

Breteny Parks, C.E.O.




Yin Eyecare provides full service eye care and optometry services in Overland Park. Vision and eye health exams are conducted six days a week by the doctor on staff, Cynthia Yin. The Optometric Technician and other staff assist with selecting frames from their collection.

Be Found has helped Yin Eyecare with a variety of services over the course of several years.

We’ve provided S.E.O. services to ensure they come up high in the search engine results pages (organic and local) for several phrases, including “eye doctor Overland Park.”

One of the first things we did was to evaluate their website for effectiveness, readability, engagement, design appeal and maximum S.E.O. impact. We determined potential improvements in those areas, made recommendations and implemented the changes. As part of this we provided scripting, shooting and editing of two videos, which we placed on the site.

In addition, we provided WordPress training so they could maintain the website themselves.

I wanted to update my website at a reasonable cost and Brigid was able to accomplish both in a little over a month. With my new site I have complete control over layout and content. Changing text or images myself is quick. Plus Brigid showed me how to easily manage the Search Engine Optimization features.”

“Brigid is easy to work with and I strongly recommend her services.”

Cynthia Yin, O.D., Owner


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