Be Found has been helping people make a difference in their business since 2008. Brigid Greene is the chief instigator and pretty much runs the show.

Clients have included:

  • Grant Professionals Association, a national non-profit (SEO, writing and training)
  • Ruskin Air and Sound Control, an international company  (website usability and traffic analysis; monthly SEO  reports)
  • Lilypad EV, a national distributor of electric vehicle charging stations (blog writing and editing, SEO, and more)
  • Media Services, a regional records management firm(press release and misc.  writing, website development, photography and editing, social media management and more)

Prior to starting Be Found, Brigid spent a number of years at working at the Hallmark Cards headquarters in downtown Kansas City providing:

  • Technical training for groups of Hallmark retailers, key Brigid Greenebusiness partners and sales people.
  • Website development (and content manager) for a variety of internal departments, including the new division for Sustainability.
  • In-depth analysis in Excel spreadsheets of inventory performance at high end stores.
  • Management and production of a training video and selling brochure used for the distribution of  new technology.

A Master’s Degree in Marketing from Webster University and participation in the Kauffman Foundation Fast Trac program provided access to a wealth of knowledge about best practices for marketing business, as well as access to some pretty smart people.

Of all the skills, tools and techniques that can be utilized in marketing, what provides the most value is listening – to what’s important to You and what You want for yourself and the business. It’s something  cultivated here at Be Found so the marketing activity supports what really matters.

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