Simon Sinek made his mantra: “Start with Why.” He says (and I agree) that people do what they do not because of the inherent value (or lack of) the activity, but because of some underlying reason – the why. People become loyal customers, part of your tribe, donate money, and buy your art because of the underlying why they resonate with.

Most people are intent on getting the what right t……the plan, the business model, the proposal, the product images, the features and benefits.

But why do you care about any of it? Because the Why actually causes (and then flavors) the What.

Imagine two teachers helping two students. One is doing it because her why is because is nearing retirement and doesn’t want to learn to do something else. The other is doing it because she cares deeply and wants to make a contribution right there and then.

The potential impact is clear, yet most of us in business (and even in our personal lives) continue to focus on measurable results caused by actions.  It’s up to each of us to determine our own whys, the context from which we live and carry out tasks. It’s from this place that new ideas are hatched.

Remember, Martin Luther King Jr. had an I Have a Dream Speech, not I Have a Well Reasoned Business Plan Speech.

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