That sentiment can stop us dead in our tracks, not even daring to think of how it might be if it worked out. Acknowledging it can also free us to go forward for the sake of being true to what we say is important, and doing what we thought might be impossible.

Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception argues that we let the idea of failure stop us and control us way too often. He says that fear keeps you safe and small, and not doing the real work that you say is important, or that the world needs.

It’s why he created the Icarus Sessions…. to give people ┬áthe opportunity to say what’s important, what matters to them.

In the first Icarus Session in Kansas City, we found that saying what we really cared about was foreign and scary and very different from the way we usually are in the world. It’s also what lights the world up, and sharing it makes it brighter. It’s bringing it out into the light that makes us feel most alive and most human.

I’m going to continue to create Icarus Sessions, to offer opportunities for people to say what really matters to them as they build and create their projects.

I’ll be there to hear their stories, and to cultivate an audience of people who listen. No judging or fixing or networking. Just being fully present to another person brave enough to say what really matters. ┬áThat matters to me.


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