Sometimes it feels frustrating, confronting, scary and doubtful.

And those are also signs that communication is actually happening. People are saying things that really matter to them…. and in communicating them, are creating a new possibility. The communication might open up the possibility of resolving an issue, and it might also create a possibility of accepting them.

Unspoken frustration just compounds itself.  And unspoken frustration is a soul killer Рit destroys projects.

Sometimes acknowledging an issue is all that can be done. But that’s enough to move beyond it and create something new. ¬†Sometimes potential clients are unwilling to express their frustration with their current solution, or vulnerability because they don’t understand it all, and just stay stuck.

When we’re engaged in a project, it can feel like you’re working at it. And that’s a good thing. That’s a good sign something’s about to change.

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